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Our Five Most-Read Enclosures Blog Posts, 2021

We like to see which blog posts most grabbed your attention – so we can provide further useful technical information about aluminium enclosures for electronics. And to start 2022, we’ve gone a stage further…we’ve picked out the five METCASE blog posts that gained the most attention in 2021.

Interestingly, only two of the five were originally published in 2021. The other three are ‘evergreen’ posts that date back to previous years…as far back as 2012 in one case! But they remain popular because they help you to solve challenges.

If you missed this content first time around (or you want to view it again), here are the most-read METCASE blog posts of 2021…

Mounting PCBs in METCASE enclosures

1. PCB Mounts – What’s Best For My Electronics?

How you mount your circuit boards can make a big difference to the kind of enclosure you need. And that in turn will have a significant impact on the component layout of your PCBs. So – given these two important factors – the humble PCB mounting deserves much more consideration than it’s generally given.

Admit it – PCB mounts were not at the top of your do list today were they? But they are now. Or at least they should be – because they can have quite a knock-on effect on your enclosure, the first thing your customers will see and touch when they encounter your product. PCB mountings fall into various types. Each has its pros and cons…

Note: Since this blog post was first published, we’ve updated the design of our UNIMET-PLUS (and UNIMET) desktop/portable enclosures to make them more customisable. Thanks to a new bezel design, they can now be specified in custom heights as well as bespoke widths and depths. UNIMET now also has earthing connections on every panel.

Read the full blog post here >>

Universal feet kits for enclosures

2. Enclosure Feet Stand Up And Be Counted

They’re one of our most popular accessories. Never out of fashion. Always in demand. Enclosure feet are one of the unsung heroes of the METCASE range. These tiny folding tilt-legs can transform the ergonomics of a desktop enclosure at a stroke.

And they’re so easy to fit. All it takes is three holes for each foot – two for the location pillars and one for the self-tapping screw. (Specify them as a custom option and we’ll drill and fit them for you). Enclosure feet are great for all our METCASE enclosures – but did you know they can fit a wide range of other brands of cases too?

Update: We’ve since added new products to our range of enclosure feet. In addition to the case feet mentioned in the post, round TECHNOFEET are now available – either with or without a tilt option. View our full range of enclosure feet here.

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Bespoke electronic enclosures from METCASE

3. Specifying Bespoke Aluminium Enclosures For Your Electronics

Ask for a custom 19” rack case or instrument enclosure for your electronics and we’ll almost always recommend a customised housing: a solution based on one of our many standard models.

That’s because customised enclosures require less design and machining – giving you production-line-ready housings at a price that’s viable even for low volumes. Most of the time, going customised is quicker, easier and more cost-effective than specifying a fully bespoke enclosure that has to be designed from the ground up.

But bespoke enclosures are not always more expensive than customised cases. They can be more cost-effective – if you opt for the right design.

Update: The TECHNOMET 19” desktop/portable mini-racks mentioned in this post are now available in a 10.5” version for 42HP subracks, chassis and front panels. Find out more here.

Read the full blog post here >>

METCASE 1U rack mount enclosures

4. Compare 1U Rack Cases – Find The Best For Your Electronics

Space-saving 1U rack cases are the most popular size of our 19” enclosures. But which of our three models is best for your electronics? Compare them here…

COMBIMET is the most cost effective of all our 19” rack mount enclosures because it does not have a front bezel. Instead there is a screw-in front panel (with six visible fixing screws). This panel also acts as the rack ears – so you’ll have to pull the case from the rack before you can gain access via the front.

VERSAMET is our dedicated 1U rack case. It is available only in this height. Again it has no bezel (reducing the manufacturing costs) but unlike COMBIMET, it has no visible front fixing screws. METTEC offers incredibly swift and easy access to your PCBs while it’s still in the rack – thanks to a series of clever design features.

Read the full blog post here >>

Instrument enclosures in custom colours

5. Branding Your Instrument Enclosures With Custom Colours

It’s now easier than ever to specify customised electronic instrument enclosures in low volumes. So forget everything you’ve heard about bespoke housings being too costly for small batches. You can have your cake and eat it. You can order just a handful of highly customised housings.

And there are few better ways to make an enclosure truly yours than with a splash of colour. It doesn’t take much painting or powder coating to change the look of an enclosure like TECHNOMET. You don’t have to specify a custom colour for the whole case – you’d be surprised how just a little highlight here or there can add extra flair.

Note: Custom colours cost no more than standard if you specify one from our ‘always in stock’ range.

Read the full blog post here >>

Further Reading

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