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METCASE’s New Guide To Specifying Customised And Bespoke Electronic Enclosures

Guide to specifying custom enclosures

March 2023

METCASE has launched a new guide to specifying customised and fully bespoke metal enclosures for 19” rack mounted, desktop and portable electronics.

METCASE 19” rack cases are perfect for networking and communications equipment, sound and studio systems, laboratory instruments, industrial computers and control applications. Its instrument enclosures suit a wide range of medical and wellness devices, test and measurement equipment, controllers and monitoring systems.

METCASE’s new online guide covers customised standard enclosures, fully custom/bespoke housings and prototypes. It explains how designers can best get started by viewing standard enclosures, watching product videos and downloading 3D models.

The guide then outlines the technical benefits of the different materials available: 1050 aluminium, 5251 aluminium, cold-rolled CR4 steel, Zintec (Electro Zinc Steel) and galvanised steel.

There is comprehensive information about how to specify CNC punched or machined holes and cutouts, along with summaries of the various custom front panel options, custom fixings and inserts available. METCASE’s website assigns product-style codes to these services to make them easier to specify.

Enclosures can be powder coated or wet painted in custom colours. The guide lists the technical benefits of powder coating, including finish quality, cost savings and safety/environmental benefits.

Other finishes are also available including nickel-loaded EMC shielding lacquers for plastic parts, linishing of aluminium panels, anodising, Iridite NCP conductive/anti-corrosion finish for aluminium panels, and zinc and clear passivate for CR4 steel panels.
The guide also highlights the benefits of the latest photo-quality digital printing technology. Legends, logos and graphics can be printed in sizes up to 1,800 x 1,800 dpi on areas as large as 600 x 420 mm (A2), with direct printing on to products up to 150 mm high. METCASE’s flatbed printers can print colour and white simultaneously, speeding up the process.

Read the guide here >>